Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Storytime: We're going on a Bear Hunt

We're Going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one! Recognise those words? If you do, then you will know then, like me, you will probably never tire of hearing them. We're going on a Bear Hunt is a favourite book on the shelves of children and adults alike. It is such a fun book. The book will keep your attention if you are reading on your own but it is most definitely best when reading aloud to little ones. Whether you have one child or reading to a small and large groups, Michael Rosen's retelling of the story will have your audience engrossed.

If you are looking for storytelling ideas, this story is perfect for outside reading, where children are free to move about and really get to grips with the swishing and swashing through the grass and stumbling through the forest. If reading outdoors is not possible, you don't have to worry, the book can kick start the a child's imagination in any setting. Little Scribbles has read this book over and over and it is a firm favourite on our storytelling schedules.

The story is great for children of all ages, from toddlers through to adults! This classic book is a great read aloud that will engage various age groups, so it is a sound choice if you are reading to a mixed age group. Younger children can enjoy the engaging adventure through it's magical rhymes and older children can get lost in their imagination when looking at Helen Oxenbury's thought provoking illustrations. With an abundance of resources and activities to accompany the book, it is sure to be a favourite for years to come. You can choose to colour in a simple image taken from the books, invite older children to write their own bear adventure or get to work on fun educational play with work on understanding of the grammar used. I love to work with the onomatopoeia, whilst working with different colours and textures. All you need is a piece of plain card, a pen to write the 6 different stages of the bear adventure and lots of bits and bobs to create your own grass, river, mud,forest,snowstorm and cave. Of course, you will need an abundance of glue and scissors to cut lots of different shapes for those imaginative little minds.

This We're Going on a Bear Hunt craft activity is so simple but is so much fun to do, especially accompanied by lots of little ones shouting " hooo wooo '" and " Splash Splosh " as they create their pictures.

If you and the children have a little energy left, why not finish the session with a sing a long version of the story, just like Michael Rosen himself!

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