Thursday, 2 January 2014

Barefoot Book of the Month for January

As we enter a new year, Little Scribbles will providing you with lots more book reviews and recommendations. As an ambassador for Barefoot Books, I will be continuing to choose my Barefoot Book of the month but the blog will feature lots of our other favourites, that we will be stocking over at our Little Scribbles' Stories shop. For most of us, New Year has been and gone but for those who celebrate Chinese New Year, the festivities have yet to get into full swing. Barefoot Books have a great selection on books that introduce children to different cultures and that includes a selection of stories that can give children an insight into Chinese culture and traditions. The Great Race is a great book for Chinese New Year story time as it introduces children to the signs of the Chinese zodiac, with a fun and engaging story. Whilst this is a great read aloud story, I have chosen Lin Yi's Lantern as my Barefoot Book of the month for January as it is such a beautiful tale with lovely artwork to engage all ages.

Meet Lin Yi — a little boy with a big heart and a talent for bargaining. Tonight is the moon festival and he wants nothing more than a red rabbit lantern; but first he must buy the things his mother needs at the market. This heartwarming story shows the rewards of putting others first, and includes educational notes at the end about the Chinese moon festival, life in rural China, and the legend of the moon fairy.

Little Scribbles will be holding  Chinese New Year storytelling sessions this month and will be posting a guide on how you can hold your own session to get children involved in the festivities. If you are in the Merseyside area, drop us a line and we can book you into one of our great sessions, where we will be reading stories, learning about the zodiac and having fun with fortune cookies.

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