Thursday, 28 July 2016

The BFG Film Review

Us human beans love a little bit of escapism, especially in the current political climate, so what better way to spend a wet Wednesday afternoon that a trip to the cinema. After a busy week holidaying in Italy, we thought we would finish off a bit of family time with a day out to see the new Speilberg adaptation of Roald Dahl's brilliant 'The BFG'.

Movie adaptations of books have a lot to live up, none more so than this giant of a story. I have always loved The BFG after devouring it as seven-year-old (I think I was given a copy for my First Holy Communion). Dahl had the ability to draw in kids of all ages which was evident in the rows of families of all ages lining the seats in front of us, along with groups of friends and couples sans children.

My daughter has not read the book, yet, as she is just coming up to five and is still in the picture book stage, but she was really looking forward to meeting Sophie and her giant friend. Packed full of melancholy and bittersweet moments that can melt the coldest of hearts, the BFG was a brilliant piece of film magic.

Mark Rylance captured the hearts of us all and left us wishing that he could whisk us off in his big comforting hands, much like I wish my grandparents were here to offer comfort like they did all of those years ago. Ruby Barnhill as the likeable and assertive Sophie is a real star in the making and I felt that she really invited the audience on her journey with her.

For those who love a bit of childish toilet humour, the scenes with Penelope Wilton as the Queen will have you giggling like a child, as will the threat of making your little ones snozzcumbers for tea when you get home from watching the film.

The thing that has always stood out for me with the BFG is the squiggly words and sense of fun that Dahl brings to language and literacy, something that Rylance carries off brilliantly. He really did make me smile so much.

Photograph: rstock/Everett/Rex/Shutterstock

The BFG is a story of dreams and being able to connect to people that you did not think possible and, for those reasons, it is truly scrumdiddlyumptious!