Thursday, 28 July 2016

The BFG Film Review

Us human beans love a little bit of escapism, especially in the current political climate, so what better way to spend a wet Wednesday afternoon that a trip to the cinema. After a busy week holidaying in Italy, we thought we would finish off a bit of family time with a day out to see the new Speilberg adaptation of Roald Dahl's brilliant 'The BFG'.

Movie adaptations of books have a lot to live up, none more so than this giant of a story. I have always loved The BFG after devouring it as seven-year-old (I think I was given a copy for my First Holy Communion). Dahl had the ability to draw in kids of all ages which was evident in the rows of families of all ages lining the seats in front of us, along with groups of friends and couples sans children.

My daughter has not read the book, yet, as she is just coming up to five and is still in the picture book stage, but she was really looking forward to meeting Sophie and her giant friend. Packed full of melancholy and bittersweet moments that can melt the coldest of hearts, the BFG was a brilliant piece of film magic.

Mark Rylance captured the hearts of us all and left us wishing that he could whisk us off in his big comforting hands, much like I wish my grandparents were here to offer comfort like they did all of those years ago. Ruby Barnhill as the likeable and assertive Sophie is a real star in the making and I felt that she really invited the audience on her journey with her.

For those who love a bit of childish toilet humour, the scenes with Penelope Wilton as the Queen will have you giggling like a child, as will the threat of making your little ones snozzcumbers for tea when you get home from watching the film.

The thing that has always stood out for me with the BFG is the squiggly words and sense of fun that Dahl brings to language and literacy, something that Rylance carries off brilliantly. He really did make me smile so much.

Photograph: rstock/Everett/Rex/Shutterstock

The BFG is a story of dreams and being able to connect to people that you did not think possible and, for those reasons, it is truly scrumdiddlyumptious!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Long time no speak

Wow, it has been almost one year since I last posted on here, oops. I never intended to stay away so long but it has been a hectic year with one thing and another, so I have taken a back step with Little Scribbles.

Little Scribbles started out as a blog to write about my experiences as a new mum who had just been made redundant while on maternity leave and had a wealth of ideas. I stumbled upon the Barefoot Books ambassador programme and felt that is was the perfect opportunity to earn a little money while taking time away from work to raise my daughter. My love for children's books has long been in my heart and my Barefoot adventure gradually turned into me developing my own online bookshop and storytelling business. I had no idea how long I would spend in this business as my long-term goals were always to return to a 'proper job' once my daughter started school.

The past year has seen my long to return to my job as a counsellor, which I have been doing for almost 10 years now on top of my main job that I was made redundant from. I have always kept up with some voluntary work to keep me in the loop, but I have started to work for a couple of organisations and will be looking to do some private work once my daughter starts school in September (how is this happening so quickly?).

During the same period that I stepped up my counselling work, Barefoot Books sadly withdrew its ambassador programme and a lot of health issues meant that I had less zest for my storytelling sessions. So, I have decided that my bookselling business will take a back seat for now and I will think about opening my shop once things settle down after September.

My new counselling website will launch during the summer and I will be featuring children's books that can support a child's emotional development and parental guidance books. I still have a huge passion for children's books, especially those that challenge stereotypes and celebrate diversity, so I still want to immerse myself in that world. With this in mind, I am planning to keep this blog running and chat about children's literature and storytelling without the business side of things.

I am looking forward to chatting to people more and hearing about how you and your children are enjoying reading and storytelling. I promise not to stay away too long this time!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Matt on a Bike

Little Scribble's is very happy to be supporting Matt Giannasi on his Challenge Cancer Cycle Trans Pennine bike ride. The challenge consists of a 60-mile bike ride from Manchester to Leeds and will take place in September. Overall, Challenge Cancer aim to raise £1.5 million for four of the top UK cancer charities. Matt decided to take on the challenge in memory of a work colleague who lost his life to cancer earlier this year. You can check out Matt's just giving page, if you would like to support him on his journey.

We are supporting Matt in his fundraising efforts by offering up all profits from our sale of Bear on a Bike and Bear on a Bike gift set. Simply buy either of the bear products using this link and we will arrange for our profits to go to Matt's fund. 

Bear on a Bike is great for children up to 6 years and comes as a boardbook or paperback. You can join Bear as he tries out different forms of transport and has an adventure with each one. Rhyme and repetition support the learning layers of travel and transportation, as Bear travels in a raft, a rocket ship, a boat, a bike, a steam train, and a carriage. The 'Bear on a Bike Set' includes a copy of 'Bear on a Bike' board book and a 'Bear on the Go' first puzzle.

We hope you join us in wishing Matt the best of luck on his bike ride and we hope that his bottom doesn't ache too much!