Tuesday, 14 January 2014

International Book Giving Day 2014

February 14th is, of course, a day of love, romance and gifts. It is also International Book Giving Day, so why not spread a little book love this year and give something that can last a lifetime. International Book Giving Day is aimed at getting new, used and borrowed books into the hands of as many children as possible. The idea was conceived by a 6 year old American boy, who wanted a holiday in which his friends and family gave books to each other. The day has now developed into a 100% grassroots celebration, brought together by enthusiastic volunteers around the world. Book lovers, bloggers, businesses and organisations all over the world will be hosting events and coming up with imaginative ways to celebrate. Think book swaps, fun days, themed play dates, donations to charities or random acts of kindness. If you want to get involved, check out the Book Giving Day website for information and ideas.

Little Scribbles will be hosting a Book Giving Day Event alongside Big You, Little You in Liverpool. We are still ironing out details but there will be a book swap shelf for children and parents, storytelling sessions, book crafts and snacks. We want the session to be free and fun, with a chance to take a new book home to enjoy. As Book Giving day is also about raising awareness to literacy projects across the world, we will also be fund-raising for Book Aid International by taking small donations from those who would like to support the charity. Any books left over on our ' swap shelf ' will be given to local charities.

To add to our on the day fundraising, Little Scribbles will also be donating £1 to Book Aid for every book bought throughout February from either Little Scribbles' Stories or our Barefoot Books ambassador site. Keep your eyes peeled for book reviews and recommendations for books to read on the day, including some great global books that will give children an insight into some of the countries Book Aid support.

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