Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A breath of fresh air

I am sure that a lot of my regular readers and twitter followers have already heard the fantastic news that Barefoot Books has cut ties with Amazon and are no longer supplying our books to them. Like me, I am sure that this is a huge breath of fresh air. I began my journey with Barefoot Books last year, when I joined as an ambassador and just love the ethos of the company; a grass roots, home based business that support independence and cultural diversity. Barefoot is about the power of community and connection, which can be lost when dealing with big businesses. I realise that Amazon is hugely convenient for many people, as are supermarkets and large chains, but I think it is so important to support small businesses and independents, to ensure that we create growth and diversity within our economy. Our news has been welcomed by many other ambassadors as well as publishers and independent bookstores, here is a selection of the praise we have received;

Thank you for your support to your Ambassadors and your principles’! —@thebarefootgigi
‘Hey @BarefootBooks! Thanks for breaking from Amazon. This indie bookseller applauds you. Proud to sell your books’ —@LilGrnBookworm
‘well done @BarefootBooks – standing on your own bare feet’! —@katereavill
@BarefootBooks that was me waving my virtual pompoms in your direction! Hope that others follow suit’ —@VoicesLibrary
‘Thank you @BarefootBooks for stopping sales to Amazon & supporting the local efforts of our Ambassador Team’ —@marketbarefoot
@barefootbooks That’s a brave, inspiring move, and one that’s much appreciated round these parts’! —@chorltonbkshop
‘Well done @BarefootBooks for pinning your flag to the local and independent masts & ceasing to trade with Amazon’ —@ mrbsemporium

It really is an exciting time for Barefoot Books, with lots of new titles now released, including  the brilliant new additions to our Greek classics range, and more great ideas in the pipeline. If you fancy joining the independent brigade; click here for information about signing up to be an ambassador

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