Monday, 7 January 2013

Big Scribbles joins the Classics Club

Little Scribbles is all about everything baby and toddler, with a big emphasis on books and reading. However, Big Scribbles is taking moving in for a while ( approximately 5 years!)  to share an indulgence of classic books. As parents and carers, we all need a little motivation and inspiration when it comes to teaching, so with a love of adult literature we can hopefully pass on wonderful tales to our little ones ( as long as the Lady Chatterley stuff is post 16, of course! ). I have always been a bit of a geek and some of my best childhood memories involve just me sitting on my bed, getting lost in great books. I have read many great books but there are so many more that I have just not got around to picking up yet, so in the tradition of new year, I have joined the Classic Club and set myself the challenge of reading 66 books within 5 years. I chose 66 so that I can aim for one book per month plus a few extra to keep me on my toes. I will read more than one book a month, of course, but I want to make sure I tick of some of those on my very long ' I must read that' list.

Once I have read each book, I will post my thoughts on here so that I can share with other classic club members and hopefully inspire a few people to pick up an extra book or two. If you fancy joining the club then take a look and I hope to see your list.

Here is my list;

     1.James Joyce – Ulysses
     2.Toni Morrison- Beloved
     3.Toni Morrison- Tar Baby
     4.Louisa May Alcott- Little Women
     5.Toltsoy – Anna Keranina
     6.George Orwell- Animal Farm
     7.Oscar Wilde- The picture of Dorian Grey
  1. Emily Bronte Wuthering heights
  2. Mary Shelley – Frankenstein
  3. DH Lawrence- lady chatterly
  4. Dostoyevsky – Crime and punishment
  5. William Goulding – Lord of the flies
  6. Francis Hodgsen Burnett- The scecret garden
  7. Jane Austen – Emma
  8. Nathaniel Hawthorne- The scarlet letter
  9. Ray Bradbury – Farenheit 451
  10. Daphne Du Maurier- Rebecca
  11. Betty Smith – A tree frows in Brooklyn
  12. Richard Adams- Watership down
  13. Gabriel Garcia Marquez- One hundred years of solitude
  14. Anthony Burgess- A clockwork orange
  15. Hermane Hesse – Siddhartha
  16. Henry James- Portrait of a lady
  17. Nabakov- Ada or Ardor
  18. F Scott Fitzgerald- Tender is the night
  19. Arthur Miller- Focus
  20. George Orwell- down and out in paris and london
  21. George Orwell- 1984
  22. Charles Dickens- david copperfield
  23. Thomas Hardy- a pair of blue eyes
  24. Herman Mellville- moby dick
  25. DH Lawrence- sons and lovers
  26. Virginia woolf- the waves
  27. Virginia Woolf – orlando
  28. Joseph Conrad- nostramo
  29. E.M Forster- where angels fear to thread
  30. Zadie Smith- White teeth
  31. Virginia Woolf- Night and Day
  32. Evelyn Waugh- A handful of dust
  33. Rudyard Kipling- Kim
  34. Kingsley Amis- Lucky Jim
  35. Ernest Hemingway- For Whom the bell tolls
  36. Ernist Hemingway- A farewell to arms
  37. Salman rushdie – The satanic verses
  38. T S Eliot- The wasteland
  39. John Steinbeck – East of eden
  40. Chaucer- The Canterbury Tales
  41. Arthur Millar- The crucible
  42. Albert Camus- The stranger
  43. Victor Hugo- The hunchback of notre dame
  44. Madelaine L'Engle- A wrinkle in time
  45. William Makepeace Thakeray- Vanity Fair
  46. Upton Sinclair- The Jungle
  47. Mararet Atwood- The handmaids tale
  48. Shel Silverstein- The giving tree
  49. William Faulkener- As I lay dying
  50. Tennesse Williams- A streetcare named desire
  51. Margaret Williams- The velvatine Rabbit
  52. Henry Fielding- Tom Jones
  53. Daniel Defoe- Robinson Crusoe
  54. Jerome K Jerome- Three men in a boat
  55. DH Lawrence- The Rainbow
  56. Salman Rushdie- Haroun and the sea of stories
  57. Graham Greene- The quiet American
  58. Marilyn Robinson- Housekeeping

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  1. Welcome to the club! The Handmaid's Tale is an incredible book!