Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Go to sleep

All of us mums and dads learn all about sleep deprivation very quickly, once our precious little ones arrive, but just how bad can sleep deprivation get ? This issue is explored by Helen Walsh in her novel ' Go to sleep '. Personally I feel quite lucky that my little one has developed a reasonably good sleep pattern and I have had no signs of post natal depression but I certainly know how much of an emotional roller coaster being a mum is. As a counsellor, I have heard just how difficult the roller coaster is for some mums and have seen the relief in peoples faces when they simply share some of their deepest darkest thoughts. The central character Rachel shares, with raw emotion, her journey into motherhood and the unexpected effect it has on her. From very early on in the book I empathised with Rachel and, despite the sometimes difficult reading, I could not stop turning the page in the hope that everything will be ok for her and her baby, Joe. Through real grit and honesty, Walsh helps bring awareness to the reality of what it can be like to me a new mum and unravels the stigma of post natal depression.  I have read many reviews, some from mums who have found comfort in the book as the can identify with Rachel and understand that they are not alone in their extreme feelings.I came across this book as I am a fan of Walsh and her previous two books. ' Brass ' and ' once upon a time in England '  and by chance I read it when I had just had Sofia and had just got past those tearful first few weeks. Despite my not suffering from depression or anywhere near the sheer desperation we see Rachel go through, the book touched me in a way that I think only parents can truly can feel. Whatever stage of the parental  roller coaster you are on, this book is a fantastic read that I think you may relate to in one way or another . I came across the book again at the weekend when tidying my shelves and thought I would post a little word about for those who have not read the book  as it really is a heartbreakingly honest read

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