Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bringing breastfeeding into the spring

I am sure many breastfeeding mums will agree with me in saying that it is so difficult to find clothes that are both stylish but practical for feeding your little one. In general, I think that maternity and breastfeeding wear is dull and frumpy, despite the odd few sites out there that offer something a little different. However clothes that are specific to breastfeeding mothers can also be expensive, hard to get hold of and have a limited shelf life, unless you have lots of babies that is!

My baby is now 6 months old and so far I have managed wearing jeans and baggy tops or shirts, that hide my modesty when feeding in public but as we move into spring I want to jazz my wardrobe up a little. Again, it has been easy to find nice tops to go with my jeans but have found it more difficult when it comes to finding something a little more feminine. I think skirts will be a no no as I find most need a tighter fitting top, which just doesn't work for me when breastfeeding. So, off I went in search of dresses and boy was it hard. I managed to find a lovely wrap dress from Topshop, pictured below, which is both colourful and light whilst giving me easy access to Sofia's milk supply. I have had a little look around on the internet and have found a few dresses that I think will be suitable and that other breastfeeding mummies may like too ( of course all you non-breastfeeding mummies may like these dresses too).

Floral wrap dress Topshop,  long sleeved red wrap dress Fever London, printed Tunic Zara, Orange sleeveless shirt dress by Sessun at Liberty, butterfly wrap dress Oasis, vintage floral print dress Not on the high street


  1. I have really struggled to find great nursing wear, I love your ideas! I resorted to making my own!

  2. ooh had a look at your blog, good idea. I'm not that handy though!

  3. The floral ones are very nice. Today, nursing mothers can choose a lot of different breastfeeding clothing online that will suit their lifestyle.