Monday, 14 April 2014

Vegan and Vegetarian Children's Books

An increasing number of children are being raised on a vegetarian or vegan diet and there are some great vegan and vegetarian books for children out there. Whilst these books will not appeal to many people, they do play an important role in telling stories that vegan and vegetarian children can relate too. Here are the best children's books about being vegetarian or vegan

Herb The Vegetarian Dragon

This Barefoot Books classic, is a favourite amongst parents, children and teachers all over the world. Meet Herb, a dragon who knows how to stay true to his values even in the stickiest of situations. When he is captured by the castle's knights in armour, vegetarian Herb is faced with a difficult decision: will he eat meat in order to save his own life? A fun tale that is great for all children, no matter what their diet. 

That's Why We Don't Eat Animals

A colourful and insightful book by Ruby Roth. In the books we are introduced to a wide array of animals living in their natural environment, with explanations of how they are at risk of living in poor conditions to feed the food industry. The books introduces talking points for vegan parents to explain how they can live a more compassionate life, in terms of food, clothing and appreciation of animals as a whole.

V is for Vegan

Introducing three- to seven-year-olds to the "ABCs" of a compassionate lifestyle, V Is for Vegan is a must-have for vegan and vegetarian parents, teachers, and activists! Acclaimed author and artist Ruby Roth brings her characteristic insight and good humour to a controversial and challenging subject, presenting the basics of animal rights and the vegan diet in an easy-to-understand, teachable format. Through memorable rhymes and charming illustrations, Roth introduces readers to the major vegan food groups (grains, beans, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruits) as well as broader concepts such as animal protection and the environment. Sure to bring about laughter and learning, V Is for Vegan will boost the confidence of vegan kids about to enter school and help adults explain their ethical worldview in a way that young children will understand. 

Steven The Vegan

On a field trip to a local farm sanctuary Steven's classmates learn that eat is a vegan. Steven proceeds to explain to them what that means and why animals are his friends, not his food. The story teaches children where their food comes from, and why Steven has chosen not to partake of foods that come from them.It is a lightweight tale that teaches one aspect of a vegan lifestyle, and help vegan children learn ways of explaining their lifestyle to others

Vegan is Love

A controversial book from vegan writer Ruby Roth, Vegan Is Love introduces young readers to veganism as a lifestyle of compassion and action. Broadening the scope of her popular first book That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, Roth illustrates how our daily choices ripple out locally and globally, conveying what we can do to protect animals, the environment, and people across the world. Roth explores the many opportunities we have to make ethical decisions: refusing products tested on or made from animals; avoiding sea parks, circuses, animal races, and zoos; choosing to buy organic food; and more. Roth’s message is direct but sensitive, bringing into sharp focus what it means to “put our love into action.” Featuring empowering back-of-the-book resources on action children can take themselves, this is the next step for adults and kids alike to create a more sustainable and compassionate world


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