Friday, 11 April 2014


Inspired by our Book of the Month for April, 'What' This?', we decided to hold sunflower themed storytelling sessions this week. In 'What's This? ' we learn the basics of how plants grow in this bubbly, springtime story. When a young girl plants a seed, she learns she must be patient to achieve results. She is rewarded by a beautiful sunflower, and brings her flower to school to share the seeds with her entire class. It may not be quite the weather for sunflowers yet, but there is plenty of sunshine at the moment and we need to get sowing our seeds so that we have a blooming garden at summertime. 

If you have younger toddlers or babies, you may want to start your storytelling sessions with some classic nursery rhymes. The new Clare Beaton Garden Rhymes from Barefoot Books is an ideal collection of short rhymes that get you in the mood for spring and summer stories. In ' What's This?'  you will find a relaxed, slow paced story with lots of opportunity for children to step inside the story. Ask the children to stretch and see how tall they can grow, just like the flowers in the story or make it an educational session by asking what flowers need to grow or what they grow at home. You can also hold a handful of seeds to show the children as the book describes what they seed looks like and if you are telling the story in summertime, you can have a sunflower at hand for when the flowers finally spring to life in the story.

Once the story is over, why not have a go at planting your own sunflower seeds. All  you will need is some little plastic plant pots, compost/soil, seeds, a trowel and lots of little hands to help plant the seeds. Follow the instructions on the seeds, sing a little song as you sow and water the seeds, then wait until summer to see your smiley flowers come into bloom.

Another great story, to extend your sunflower story session, is The Sunflower Sword. This books is a lighthearted and warming story about a boy who uses a sunflower instead of a sword, to slay a dragon and bring world peace! A children's book that challenges gender stereotypes and one that will have boys and girls up on their feet, mimicking the actions of the little boy as he befriends a dragon and runs through the village proving that fighting is not necessary.

All the swishing and swooshing in The Sunflower Sword made us want out own flower to wave about and bring peace. As we will have to wait until summer for real sunflowers, we went off in search of sunflower craft ideas and came across this fabulous giant sunflower craft, over at Crafts for Kids blog. Don't worry if you don't have materials for a large sunflower, you can easily adapt so that you make smaller flowers from toilet roll holders and lolly pop sticks or any size card you have.

A bright, fun, flowery storytelling session, to get you in the mood for summer!

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