Monday, 24 February 2014

Mother's Day Picture Books

The UK will be celebrating Mother's Day on March 30th, so there is sure to be flowers and chocolates galore in every shop we walk in. Much like Valentine's Day, I am sceptical about the commercial aspects of Mother's Day but it is hard to be too cynical about a day that encourages love and thanks. As a mother myself, I like the simple things that Mothers Day brings; the breakfast in bed, the homemade card and the simple bunch of daffodils or a wonky homemade cake. Of course, these things can happen every day but it's all a little bit of fun, especially for little ones. Spending time together on Mothers Day can mean a nice walk in the park, treating the family to lunch out or simply enjoying a cuddly story time session together. Here are our favourite Mothers Day inspired stories.

For classic books about love between Mothers and children, look no further then 'Guess How Much I Love You' or ' Love You Forever '. You may have read these books to your children a lot but I am sure you will never tire of hearing your little one tell you that they " love you to the moon and back ", aaaaaahhhhh.

Not everybody has just one mummy, some are lucky to have two mummies, so the heartwarming Mommy, Mama and Me may be the book that you would like to share this Mother's Day.  For adoptive ( well for all families really) families, Motherbridge of Love is a beautiful poem that emphasis the bond between parent and child.

Just like some people who are lucky to have two mummies, there are some children that are lucky to have two daddies or even two sets of mummies and daddies. Whatever your family structure is, you are sure to enjoy Picnic in the Park as it celebrates the love between all types of family.

One of our favourite books to read on Mother's Day is My Mama Earth, a book that takes us on a wonderful journey through Motherhood and nature. A book for all of us, not just mums.

The best stories of all are your stories so have fun telling each other tales from your imagination and don't forget the extra cuddles!Whatever book you read on Mother's Day, I am sure you will love a relaxing time out together after that all important breakfast in bed.

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