Monday, 17 February 2014

Barefoot Books World Atlas App

The Barefoot Books World Atlas App had over 4 million downloads since it's launch, with numbers increasing each day. As soon as you see the app, you can understand why it is so popular. The app takes children on an interactive journey across the world, allowing then to discover facts about countries, oceans, mountains and everything else the world has to offer. At £2.99, parents may think twice about buying the app but you are guaranteed to get hours of fun an learning out of the it.You can jump from learning about the animals of South America to the Klondike gold Rush and get to grips with the flags of the world. There are quizzes that can be completed, to test knowledge and learn more facts, enlightening for children and parents. Now with extensions, including ' International football ', 'puzzles ' and ' world art ', you can many more ex hours of fun and facts.

The app is a great accompaniment for  the award winning The Barefoot Books World Atlas and the two together are a great example of how you can use a mixture of tradition, in the form of a physical book, and technology. Yes, children will be attracted to the colourful 3D adventure of the app but they will equally love to delve inside the pages of the engaging book and the accompanying pull out map. The atlas is great to use in storytelling sessions, to add background to country or culture the book is set in. For example, in a our recent Chinese New Year book club session, we guessed the population of China and tried to name the most popular landmarks and animal that can be found in Asia. With fun ' Did you know ' pop ups, children can interact with the book and you never know, you may also learn a thing or two on your world discovery!

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