Sunday, 6 May 2012

Let your kids go WILD

I am a lady who loves flowers, whether that be the romantic kind, the ones you buy to brighten up the house or the wildflowers that you see when out and about. Unfortunately we don't have a garden so cannot grow a lot of my own flowers but we do have a reasonably sized yard so have been growing flowers, herbs and food in pots and containers. Whether you have a garden, a yard or a window box it is easy to bring a bit of greenery into your life and it's great for getting your children involved too. My daughter is too young to dig in and get her hands dirty but she can certainly enjoy the pretty results when the flowers and plants start to grow.

This year I am taking part in Vanessa Kimbell's  British bloggers support british flowers challenge. The challenge celebrates all that is British about flowers and encourages people to share their love of flowers with everyone, including children.

If you want to start growing your own flowers or create your own veggie and herb patch then take a look at the BBC site, which is great for helping you and your family have fun in the garden. I will also be posting a couple of blogs on how you can get your kids involved in gardening whilst keeping it simple.

If you are not that green and cannot see yourself donning the gardening gear then why not simply appreciate the beauty of flowers and gardens at some great places across the UK. If you are in or near Liverpool, The National Wildflower Centre is great for everyone, with regular family events held throughout the year. For all you southerners Kew Gardens is a delightful place to share a day out with the children, with lots of fun days to take your children to at weekends or when on school holidays. If you cannot visit these two places then check out Great British Gardens for ideas for days out in the great outdoors.

Get sewing those seeds everyone!

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