Thursday, 31 May 2012

Keep Britain Breastfeeding

When I was pregnant with Sofia it did not even cross my mind that I would bottle feed her as, for me, breastfeeding was the natural choice. Whilst breastfeeding was my first choice I can understand that we are not all the same and all have different needs and desires, so I am most certainly not anti formula feeding (although you will see me have the odd rant about huge companies with guilt ridden and over hyped advertising campaigns; but thats a whole different story and not one just about the baby food industry) . At the moment I do have a lot of friends who have ether recently had children or are about to start the happy journey, with the majority of them choosing to bottle feed.  Whilst I have not had any direct negativity from friends and family, as I am in the minority, I do sometimes find it more difficult to share experiences and get hints and tips, which is why I love reading some great mummy blogs.  When I read about the ' Breastfeeding in England '  scavenger hunt I decided that I would love to get involved so that I can share in my love of breastfeeding and help others to celebrate it too. Read all about the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt, where you can read some lovely stories and enter great competitions.

I will be blogging about breastfeeding each week throughout June and look forward to hearing your feedback and hints and tips. First post is up 1st June, so watch this space!

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