Thursday, 29 March 2012

Play Time

Amidst all of the running about and purchasing of cots, prams, clothes, nappies etc in the lead up to me giving birth, I gave little attention to toys. I know babies are asleep most of the time when they are so small but they eventually need stimulation and I quickly went from having the odd toys that were given as gifts to a huge toy box full of rattles, toys, dolls and everything else that looks colourful enough to wave in front of little Sofia.  Without doubt, toys are great for kids but I don't want to go over the top and buy her so many things half of them get forgotten about so will hopefully be buying good quality toys that will both educate Sofia and allow her to have lots of fun. In saying that I have already bought her a kiddies mobile phone as she is like a magpie when mine comes out!

So far as well as the staple stacking cups and rattles, that have been great, Sofia has taken a particular liking to a cool little baby guitar from The grateful thread. Here she is practising to be the next Albert Hammond Jnr

Other favourites include her Sophie the giraffe teether ( link to product on bottom of blog) and a cute donkey rattle pictured below.  There really are lots of great toys out there and here are some of my favourites that I look forward to buying.

Sterntaler Donkey from Oliver's babycare
Wooden London set from Funky Moose
Cloud soft toy by Sew and Sew at Not on the high street
Squirral Walker from Peanut and Pip
Pink Doll from Funky Moose
Turtle Xylophone from Precious little ones

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