Saturday, 17 March 2012

Go Scandinavian

I love to see a newborn baby dressed all in white, looking all cute and comfortable, without all those crazy logos that you see everywhere these days. I guess I just like to see a baby look like a baby and not wearing denim and frills as soon as they step out of the womb. That is not to say I am boring, because I absolutely love colour, sometimes the brighter the better. So, now that little Sofia is getting a bit older I am excited about adding in splashes of colour and funk to her wardrobe. I do buy lots of high street basics for Sofia but like to look around for something different so I can mix and match and find the odd thing that stands out. One great place I have found is Nordic Kids, who sell cute and funky outfits for children aged 0-10, like the fab duck outfit Sofia is wearing in this picture

Nordic Kids specialise in bringing famous Scandinavian brand such as AlbaBaby, Katvig and FUB to the UK. The clothes that they sell are focus on ‘clean lines and vibrant colours ‘and will bring fun to any child’s wardrobe. The items I have bought have fitted and washed really well, so are definitely recommended. Here are a few of my favourite pieces currently in stock;

A cute T shirt by ‘Duns Sweden’, Unisex cloud playsuit by ‘Gunila Axen’, boys pirate Tee and fabulous map dress both from ‘mini Rodini ‘

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