Wednesday, 15 July 2015

This is my allotment, there's not a lot to see

After 3 years on the waiting list, we finally have a plot at our local allotments, yay! We say yay, but just look at it, it's not in the best state. It is such as shame that it has been left in this condition, but I guess we can start from scratch and get it to the way that we want it. We do not expect to start growing anything until at least springtime as it will take until that time to clear it up and get the ground ready to begin planting.

We have been excitedly planning how we want the plot to look, what we will grow and looking at sheds and greenhouses, how geeky does that sound? We will be blogging about our allotment journey, particularly how we will be getting mini scribbles involved in organic gardening and nature activities. Hopefully, we will be posting better pictures in the next few months, wish us luck!

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