Tuesday, 11 November 2014

World Nursery Rhyme Week

This week sees children, and all those that work and care for them, celebrate World Nursery Rhyme Week. The week aims to highlight the importance of nursery rhymes in the development of language and communication skills and to champion just how much fun singing can be. We often include nursery rhyme time at the beginning of our storytelling sessions as it is a great way for little ones to get involved, have some fun and really practise their babbling skills.

We love to get our Nursery Rhyme Puppet Set out, which we put into a bag so that each child can have a go at choosing a puppet out of the bag and be surprised at what they get! It adds a little bit of fun to the session and encourages children to explore the bag and engage with the group as they all guess what song it will be.

You will probably remember a lot of nursery rhymes from you were a child or when children around you were growing up. For those who are a little rusty, Baby's First Book is great introduction to favourite nursery rhymes and short stories that are ideal for babies and toddler. The illustrations are just beautiful, from the wonderful Clare Beaton once again, making the book a real keepsake and a great gift for Christmas babies or as a unique christening gift.

For a more laid-back singing session, Mrs Moon's Lullabies for Bedtime is a lovely book to encourage a peaceful nights sleep. Bedtime rhymes is also a very relaxing book, that fits not small hands and will have your little one drifting off to sleep in no time!


There ate lots of great resources on the World Nursery Rhyme Week website, but why not have some fun and think of fun activities that you can do with your little ones. After 3, 1...2...3...Baa baa black sheep.................

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