Monday, 7 July 2014

Summer Reading Challenge

The countdown is on for the end of school and the start of summer holidays. While school may be out for summer, children will still be eager to learn via days out, rainy day crafts and lots of summer reading. To find out more about the importance of summer reading, take a look at this recent blog from Barefoot Books about 'Brain Drain'. Learning should always be fun and The Reading Agency have come up with a great challenge once again, with their Mythical Maze theme. So what is the challenge? Simply to encourage your children to read 6 books throughout the summer.

Watch this video from The Reading Agency to find out more about what how you should be spending your summer!

There are lots of suggestions from the Reading Agency as to what books to choose, depending on age, with an official list of books that make up the mythical maze. We especially like Cara and The Wizard as it is one of our Barefoot Books favourites, but whilst all of the suggestions are great, you don't have to feel restricted. Let your children's imagination run wild and choose whatever books take their fancy. If you do need a little help in sourcing books that are not on the list, here is just a few of our favourites that we will be reading this summer.


Books about school are always popular with parents of children ready to make the big leap into starting school. We love Ruby's Walk to School, as it offers a fun introduction to school life and offers all the magic and fantasy that the mythical maze wants to create.  Cleo's Colour Book is also a good choice, for helping your children have fun with colours.

Age 5-7

Tales of Mystery and Magic and The Barefoot Book of Faeries are both excellent collections of short stories, that can offer short periods of reading for when you are on the go. They are also both great to read as a family and practise your storytelling skills together.



For independent readers looking for a mythical fix, Greek classics are an excellent choice. Odysseus will suit advanced readers, and may even teach adults a thing or two also! For those who are just building confidence, Theseus and Minotaur is a less complex read and a good introduction to the classics.


I am sure your children are excited about choosing their six books to read over summer. Let us know their choices and send us a picture over on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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