Thursday, 1 May 2014

May Book of the Month: Chandra's Magic Light

We are very excited to announce the arrival of May's Book of the Month, as we have been eagerly awaiting it's release for a while. Chandra's Magic Light is an enchanting tale, in the ever increasing multicultural Barefoot bookshelf and is sure to light up a smile on the whole family.

Join sisters Chandra and Deena at the market in Nepal. A man is selling lamps that are powered by the sun instead of kerosene, and Chandra knows the magic solar lamp would help her baby brother's cough. But how will they afford one? As ever, the art work commissioned by Barefoot is exquisite, with dreamy images of Nepal's countryside that makes you want to hop on a plane. This lyrical tale will be a joy to read and also acts as a great educational tool, as you teach your children about Nepal and it's surrounding areas. There is also a craft exercise at the back of the book, that will help you create your own pizza box solar oven!

We realise that we are very gushing about this book but it really is so, so lovely. We love though provoking books, that encourage an understanding of different countries and cultures and more importantly a genuine desire to learn and care about the people that inhabit different countries. We are looking forward to hearing your reviews, so please let us know what you think about Chandra's Magic Light.

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