Monday, 24 March 2014

The Windy Beach

Lazy Sundays are made for family time, long walks and even longer lunches. Last Sunday, the sun was shining, the air was crisp and the beach was calling us. A visit to the beach during summertime, for me, is a bit of a nightmare but when you can pop on a warm coat, cosy wellies and look forward to the wind in your face it is a different story. Boy was Sunday windy! Crosby beach was our destination of choice, a family favourite, especially with the addition Anthony Gormley's Another Place. We were hit with a big whoooooosh as we got out of the car and swirled away down the beach for our walk. Kicking the soggy sand, making pictures and searching for shells made us smile and watching the high tide swish onto the sand was mesmerising. Getting out and about can be fun at any time and should not be dictated to by the weather. Wrap up warm, run around, discover nature and blow away those cobwebs.

Obligatory ice creams were in order on our walk back to the car, where we sat and watched the world by go by and did our best to stop the strawberry sauce from dripping all over us. Then home to bring out the paints and create our very own beach on paper, Gormley's statues included. With lots of swooshing, swishing and howling noises made as we painted, we had nearly as much fun as our walk on the beach. As well as painting, there are lots of fun and educational crafts and activities relating to wind and beaches, that you do as a family. Ask children how they felt at the beach, what noises they heard? what did they see? All of which make great material for a beach inspired poem. Or perhaps collect seashells and make your own musical instruments. The list is endless and a fun, fresh walk will certainly inspire your creativity.

If your next walk in the wind inspires you and your children to read about nature, here are a few of our favourite picture books about wind.

Blowin in the Wind by Bob Dylan
The Windy Dat by Anna Milbourne
The wind Blew by Pat Hutchins
The Boy who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba

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