Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Storytime: Owls

Twit Twit Twooooooo. Whether it be in fashion, textiles or art, owls are very popular at the moment and we have to say that we are big fans too. Who could resist this cute little owl puppet?

I have a large collection of puppets for storytelling, and this Folkmanis owl is just perfect for little hands. It is great to see children interacting with stories and puppets really help to keep them engaged. There are lots of great owl books that children and carers will love in equal measure. My absolute favourite owl book is ' A bit lost ' by Chris Haughton. I bought this book because I just adored the illustrations and the story allows for a lot of expression when taking on different characters. The story follows a little owl that falls off his tree, as he falls asleep, so has to go in search of his mummy with the help of his forest friends. Children can mimic the actions of the animals and can make lots of noise, to keep them involved in the book and have lots of fun.

Another favourite owl book, is ' WOW! Said The Owl ' by Tim Hopgood '. This book was given to us by Bookstart and has been a firm family favourite. I think my daughter has read it a million times and it has really helped her to learn colours and put them into context. This book follows the story of an inquisitive owl on an exploration of daytime, after he decides to stay awake all day. Again, this book allows for great intonation and exaggeration, to really make it fun.

For a quieter tale, more suited to bedtime, look no further than ' Owl babies '. This children's classic is adored by many parents and it a firm bedtime favourite for lots of children.

If, like me, you like to incorporate crafts and activities to your storytelling sessions, there are lots of fun things that you can do. Use your imagination and whatever crafty bits and bobs you have in the house, or you can simply look for an owl colouring template and keep it simple

Have fun Twit Twit Twooooiing!

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