Thursday, 11 October 2012

Barefoot Books featuring Babywearing

As an ambassador for Barefoot Books, I am often asked for books that feature breastfeeding, co-sleeping or have a general promotion of attachment style parenting. This week, 8-14th October, is International babywearing week so I thought I would share a few books from Barefoot that have images of women wearing their babies; for you and your little one to enjoy. These books are not specifically about babywearing but feature images that are part of the everyday life of the characters in the book, which is great as it is seen as just normal rather than different.

Bear Takes a trip 2-6 years

Bear and his friend are taking a trip to the mountains. Tell the time with them as they make their way to their destination on many different types of transport and have lots of fun when they get there.

Off we go to Mexico 4-10 years

Travel to Mexico and discover its many wonders, from the amazing monarch butterflies in the Highlands to a mariacho show in the village square. The rhyme and lyricism of the text is complemented by the endnotes about the history of the country, national fiestas, and a glossary of simple Spanish vocabulary.

Mama Panya's pancakes 4-10 years

Glimpse into a Kenyan village with the story of Mama Panya and Adika’s market day and learn an important lesson about community and the rewards of sharing. Includes a helpful map, facts about Kenya, Kiswahili greetings, and even an easy-to-make pancake recipe.

Catch the goat 3-8 years

Chase after a mischievous goat! Ayoka has been left in charge of the family goat — but within minutes the goat has vanished. This Nigerian market tale helps youngsters count from ten to one and uses humour to impart a simple message about responsibility. Includes endnotes about life in Nigeria and Yoruba traditions.

Welcome to the world  all ages

Welcome new babies to the wonderful world with this collection of photographs and poems from many cultures. This unique anthology celebrates the feelings of hope, wonder, surprise, delight and fascination at each new generation of children

If you would like to take a closer look at these books visit the Barefoot site. If if this is your first visit to Barefoot and would like to buy a book, enter TWENTY12 at the checkout to get 20% discount off your first order.

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